So you’ve still got some
gender equality questions.

That’s great!

Keep asking.

Why now? The election hasn’t been called yet.

Correct. We also know that once the election is called it is a rapid-fire four to six weeks with the plan for promises already in place. If we want to influence those promises, we need to start now.

Didn’t/the last budget address gender equality?

The last budget was a positive start but we need to maintain momentum

I’m a feminist but I am not sure gender equity should be the priority issue?

This is a great gender equality question. But unfortunately this is the trap we have been falling into for 100 years since the vote! It plays on the idea that women as the traditional carers in society put others needs before their own. So while equality is ‘a priority’ it is never ‘the priority.’ This leads to a nice sentiment but without the funding and ongoing focus behind it to drive change.

Isn’t Feminism a ‘leftie’ issue?

Nope. Equality is for everyone.

However, we women aren’t all the same. Depending on your political persuasion, upbringing and lifestyle, some women’s issues resonate differently from others. That’s why we are wanting to host all gender-focused policies/promises from all political parties as they become available. Then, you vote based on your values.

Don’t Australian women have equality, particularly compared to the rest of the world?

Compared to other countries, Australia is going backwards. Ranking 15th out of 150 countries in 2006 on the Global Gender Gap Index is all well and good but fast forward to 2021… we are now rated 50. The old adage if “you are not going forwards, you are going backwards” has never been more poignant

Who do you include when you say “woman”?

If you are born a woman or identify as a woman. We don’t discriminate.

If you are a bloke, and have some gender equality questions, read this.

I don’t feel like being a man is all that great currently

Some of the gender-based structural issues we are trying to address will also help men. For example, relooking at how parental leave and the workforce operates gives men an opportunity to have a more fulfilling life in these areas. So come on, sign the petition and help us.

I’m an ally/feminist myself

Awesome. It’s easy then, contact your local member saying you will vote based on gender equality. This is a tangible thing you can do to help us to motivate all political parties to drive sustainable change.

I have a wife/daughter/mother

The ‘daughter effect’ has been shown in research to create greater awareness and support by men of feminist issues. Imagining inequity, discrimination, harassment against a loved one focuses the mind. So, picture the women in your life being discriminated against, sign the petition, write to your local member and vote for them on election day.

It’s not all men and I’m starting to feel like I’m on trial

We agree it’s not all men.  Unfortunately, the inadequate processes and systems for dealing with men who do behave badly (harassment, assault, rape) is what leads to feeling like you are on trial. The vast majority of men who assault women are still walking the streets.

Let’s consider a scenario using some numbers from the Government.

  • Around 639,000 Australian women experienced their most recent incident of sexual assault perpetrated by a male in the last 10 years.
  • Only about 1 in 6 sought advice or support from the police. (Because women know it is traumatic, slut-shaming occurs, cases don’t proceed if a ‘he said, she said’ circumstance, they feel shame etc)
  • So basically the perpetrators of 532,500 sexual assaults are walking free without even speaking to police. Another 40,000 had their case withdrawn or acquitted.
I’m so sick of hearing about this

We hear you, we’re sick of talking about this. At the current rate of change, it is predicted to take another 100 years to reach gender equity unless something changes, and we take some big strides.


So, the choice is yours…Listen to us for another 100 years or get on board and see what we can achieve to make a significant change.

Got more gender equality questions?

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