Gender Equality,

where do you stand?

It’s not a new concept, women have had the vote in Australia for over 100 years, yet gender equality is still a long way off, we need to band together to put gender policies at the forefront of political action.

We’re talking about using your voice and vote to help give our nation a better fighting chance at achieving gender equality.

What is the purpose of She Votes?

The purpose of She Votes is to improve gender equality in Australia using the power of democracy. Because we believe that ‘Women’s* issues’ are everyone’s issues.

*A person who identifies as female.

What’s the end goal?

Fighting for gender equality is an ongoing endeavour, but for now, we’re aiming to:

Why Should I Help?

The last 18 months has been a challenging year for women in Australia.

Plus we are going backwards.

In 2021, Australia was ranked 50 out of 156 countries. In the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index.

In 2006, we were ranked number 15.

These are confronting statistics. But that’s why we are here.

To instigate conversation, create action and real change.

Stronger together:

We need your help.

Think one person can't help? Think again.

The language politicians understand more than any other is votes. So how do we tell politicians we are voting based on their Gender Equality policies?



the petition to say you will vote based on a political party’s policies and associated funding to bring about greater gender equality

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your local member including the word “She Votes” in the subject line to let them know you will be voting based on gender equality issues

Email member


some of the great third-party research and thought leadership that exists on key gender equality. Some even includes costed recommendations

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back in on the site regularly to see who to vote for. We will regularly update this site as political parties articulate their gender equality promises

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Here’s the thing ...

We’re not going to tell you how to vote or think.

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